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Flowers In The Bedroom

Posted on 29 July 2016

Most of us love decorating the spaces we live in with beautiful finishes, furniture and well crafted homewares.  But adding a touch of natural decor can enhance your design scheme and add that finishing sparkle to the spaces we love.   

We asked one of Sydney’s most sought after florists - Jemma from JEMMA - Fleuriste, renown for both high end floral installations as well as bespoke personal pieces to provide some insights on how to bloom your room…


How can flowers compliment and enhance an interior design scheme in the home? 

Jemma:  Flowers & foliage offer something to a room that really can’t be replaced by anything else.  They give vibrancy, elegance, and a little bit of nostalgia too. They provoke mood and offer softness to a room.  They form a contrast and create interest to a particular area or space, and can provide a certain colour where other objects can’t.



Do you match flower colors to room colour or is it best to provide a contrast? 

Jemma:  It is hard to match both, so try to work with similar tones or a lower or higher gradient of the room/feature/chosen colour.  I also think contrasting with pop colour always works well.  If in doubt, go with an interesting foliage, groupings of clean understated whites or anything that is of neutral colouring. 



In a white bedroom with centre-piece white pure linen, what floral arrangement would you suggest? 

Jemma:  Textures of white in a minimalist setting is something I really love to work with.  Ideally it comes down to personal choice with regards to colour and composition.  At the moment I'm loving masses of double white Tulips in a low glass bulb vase or solid copper cylinder. 



Do you select a vase to compliment the flowers or the room?  

Jemma:  The vase or vessel is the first most important decision when it comes to flower arranging.  Make sure you select something that is not only practical but will compliment both flowers and interior and also help to set the mood & tone for your arrangement. 


Any tips you can share on the best way to arrange flowers in a vase?

Jemma:  It’s all about the length.  Make sure you choose your blooms to suit the height and dimensions of the vase.  The trick is, less is more.  Don’t over think it, go with the natural shape and structure of the flower, use this as your feature, and you can’t go wrong.  Don’t try to force it, it will never work!  It also helps to choose your flowers seasonally, working with a mass of one type of flower to create a block of colour or texture is sure to make a statement in your home & space.


How does one extend the life of their flowers in the home?

Jemma:  It's best to have a pair of sharp secateurs handy, and strong detergent to really keep your vases squeaky clean as bacteria will most certainly lower the shelf life of your flowers.  Make sure to always refresh your arrangement by re-cutting the stems (on a clean hard angle) and changing the water regularly. 

So there you have it - flowers will not only leave your home smelling great, but will also enhance the design depth of any room.  It’s time to reinvigorate the spaces you live in with simple and easily prepared floral arrangements. 





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