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Give Your Bedroom an Easy Makeover

Posted on 17 January 2019


If there’s one space in your home that deserves a bit of extra attention when it comes to design, it’s the bedroom.  At its best, a bedroom should serve as a serene sanctuary that welcomes you at the end of a busy day and allows you to relax and unwind easily.  Given that, on average, we spend around one third of our lives asleep, a simple bedroom makeover can make all the difference when it comes time to say “goodnight”.

As the focal point of any bedroom, the way you present your bed can affect the entire mood of your space and transform the way you spend time within it.  A bed fitted with fresh, inviting bed linen is the perfect place to start; not only does it provide you with a stylish look, the super soft texture means you’ll never want to leave.  We’ve selected a few of our favourite colour pairings for an easy bedroom makeover.

1. Oceanic: Navy & White

There are few scenes more tranquil than the sight and sound of waves lapping at the seashore.  Some people even swear by the gentle sounds of the ocean to drift off to sleep.  For a bedroom that aims to encapsulate that same sense of peace, Navy and White make for the ideal bed linen combination.  It’s a classic look that is both modern and timeless, that’ll have you drifting off in no time. 




2. Calming Neutrals: Glacier & Natural

The soft hues of our Glacier and Natural bed linen are incredibly easy on the eye.  Glacier’s crisp blue shade is a perfect match for Natural’s warm, sandy appearance.  Both neutral in tone, they combine to create a palette that encourages the art of slow living.  When coupled, your bedroom will feel at once inviting and harmonious.  Think lazy sleep-ins followed by a morning coffee in bed.



3. Botanical: Cactus & Bed of Roses

For a contemporary bedroom makeover, embracing colour can yield unexpectedly striking results.  Taking inspiration from nature’s inherent beauty, this pairing evokes an entirely unique atmosphere; one that is both grown up and playful.  Bed of Roses and Cactus work together to create a romantic arrangement that is grounded by an earthy base and soft, chalky pigments.


 A bedroom makeover is something that can seem like a daunting task, however our bed linen colour pairings mean you can freshen up your bed without the added stress or guesswork.  By simply swapping out your bed linen, the entire vibe of your room will be transformed instantly.  The hardest part will be convincing yourself to get out of bed in the morning.





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