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Following a few simple rules will ensure your linen remains in pristine condition through normal bedtime use.



  • Wash prior to use
  • Wash in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle using a non-harsh detergent.  Wash with like colours and fabrics.  Avoid washing with towels which may coat your sheets with lint.
  • Launder any stains immediately.  If allowed to set they may be impossible to remove later.
  • Do not bleach, soak or dye your sheets.  Do not dry clean.
  • Ensure all linen is rinsed thoroughly removing all soaps and detergents.


  • Line drying is preferred, however if tumble drying, use a low heat setting.  High heat may damage the fibres. 
  • Remove from line or dryer slightly damp if possible to avoid overdrying.
  • Overdrying on the line for a prolonged time may affect colour.


  • Some prefer the natural crinkled texture of linen and prefer not to iron, however if you prefer the smoother texture, then use a low heat setting.
  • Iron on the wrong side first and then on the right side for light coloured linens.  Only iron dark linens on the wrong side.
  • Iron linen until satisfactorily smooth, but not bone dry.


  • Linen dries quickly so either store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place or set it back on the bed slightly damp.
  • Do not store your linen in plastic bags, cardboard boxes etc. as fumes can rot or mark the linen.
  • When storing for long periods, be sure to refold your linen periodically to improve ventilation.

With any purchase of Montauk Linen, we include a Care Card for future reference to ensure you look after your linen correctly.

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